Subject    :    Kyoto Declaration on Diabetes
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Kyoto Declaration on Diabetes

Promoting Research for Better Diabetes Care in Asia

 The Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD) holds its 4th Scientific Meeting to be jointly held with the 9th International Diabetes Federation-Western Pacific Region (IDF-WPR) Congress in Kyoto, Japan, November 24-27, 2012 under the theme “Exploring the Diversity of Diabetes in the WPR; Science-Navigated Care and Education.”

The global epidemic of diabetes is a most serious medical and social problem in all parts of the world including East and Southeast Asia, which has an extremely high prevalence of diabetes and diverse ethnicities and cultures that manifest the disease in different forms. AASD embraces diabetes-related societies and associations in East and Southeast Asia to promote interaction among scientists and healthcare professionals in the field of diabetes. AASD emphasizes science-navigated diabetes care and education, and is focused on improving early detection and intervention and management of the disease and its complications in our area by providing timely science-based education for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers and increasing public awareness to encourage health improvement.

On the occasion of this joint meeting, AASD declares its mission to actively promote both clinical and basic high quality research on better prevention and care of diabetes throughout our vast region. We declare in Kyoto: Stop the Diabetes in Asia.
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