Diabetes and Metabolism Journal: 6 times a year
The Journal of Korean Diabetes : 4 times a year
Diabetes Newsletter: 4 times a year
Open event for the Public
The Celebration of World Diabetes Day

Title: Creative musical of collaboration “very special present“
Date: November 11, 2017 4pm
  • Hold ceremony and play musical for The Celebration of World Diabetes Day & diabetes weeks with Seoul, KDA, TDAK and Iddm
DPNP Communications Campaign

Date: From November, 2016 To April, 2017
  • Further develop existing “Blue Socks Campaign”to raise patient experience and direct participation
  • Raise awareness for disease by providing an accurate information to patients
  • Inform the importance of early treatment for diabetic neuropathy to prevent and cure disease smoothly
  • Develop relationship between HCP and patient and improve patient’s quality of life from the pain
  • Waiting Room: Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire & Digitalized medical interview
  • Office: Diagnostic Toolkit & Patient Kits
  • “Diabetes Class” with patients
Campaign for the improved program of insulin awareness

Slogan: “KDA, UCC & Essay Competition to Overcome Insulin Paradox
Period: From November, 2016 To May, 2017
  • Resolve public wary over insulin and diabetic treatment
  • Change the perception of diabetic patients on insulin as an essential therapy option
  • Develop the educational kit through the cases of successful insulin therapy
  • Public Awareness Campaign: UCC competition on SNS under the theme ‘Insulin Therapy’
  • Patient Awareness Campaign: Essay competition by diabetic patients who successfully experienced insulin treatment
  • PR: Develop broader attention to media and public over these campaign
Korea-Cambodia Twinning Project
Construction of the Cambodian National Diabetes Centre
  • Patient care and support for medical equipment, medicines in Cambodia.
  • Strengthening the diabetes knowledge of physicians and medical students in Cambodia.
  • On March 2010, MOU on Korea-Cambodia Twinning Project was contracted.
  • On March 2011, medical service team of Korean volunteers visited Cambodia with medical equipment and medicines.
  • On December 2012, medical service team of Korean volunteers visited Cambodia with medicines, held several seminars on diabetes education for medical personnel and patients.
  • On October 2013, a contract ($270,000) for construction of the Cambodian National Diabetes Centre was established between Korean Diabetes Association (KDA), Jeremiah’s Hope Korea, Kosamak hospital in Cambodia, and local construction contractor. A ground-breaking ceremony for the Cambodian National Diabetes Centre, sponsored by KDA and LG life science (Seoul, Korea) was celebrated.
  • On July 2015, the inauguration ceremony for Cambodia Korea Diabetes Centre was celebrated. The center will serve as the cornerstone of care for Cambodian people living with diabetes. Thus, the Korea-Cambodia Twinning Project will improve an access to treatment and care for Cambodian people living with diabetes below the poverty line, increase awareness among diabetes patients, lead to better glycaemic control and better collaboration for new diabetic patients.