Distinguished members of the Korean Diabetes Association,
It is a great honor to greet you, as the 35th President of the Korean Diabetes Association, in this Year of the Golden Dog. Bidding farewell to an eventful year of 2017, I sincerely wish you happiness and peace in your home and work in the New Year.

It has been 50 years since the establishment of the Korean Diabetes Association. Back then, diabetes was a rare disease that could not be easily found even in hospitals in Korea. However, it has become a nationally serious disease that is currently afflicting more than three million adults aged 30 and over. The number of diabetic patients in Korea is predicted to double by 2050. To be prepared for such a situation, more than 3,500 members and 20 affiliated special committees working in diverse fields, such as medical care, basic research, nursing, nutrition, and social welfare, are actively engaged in diabetes research and treatment even at this moment. In addition, diabetic patients and their families who have joined the general membership gain diabetes information and participate in various activities through more close communication with the association.

This year, the Korean Diabetes Association, as a global leader in setting global standards for diabetes research and treatment, will make a greater effort to free the world from diabetes. To enhance our position at home and abroad, the International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism (ICDM), which is held annually in the fall, is scheduled to be held this year, with a number of domestic and international specialists participating. We will strive to make the Diabetes and Metabolism Journal (DMJ), listed in the internationally recognized Science Citation Index (SCI) in 2017, a more reliable and leading diabetes journal.

For over 50 years since its foundation in 1968, the Korean Diabetes Association has been making steady progress in various aspects, such as academic research on diabetes, patient treatment, and education. It would have been impossible without the efforts of all former and current executives and members. The Korean Diabetes Association has planned more active research activities and projects for this year as well, in return for your support. I would like to ask you for your continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

Greetings to the members of the Korean Diabetes Association. Founded in 1968, the Korean Diabetes Association has grown tremendously with the dedication of its members, including former and current executives, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of our association. I am honored to become the 10thth Chairman of the Board of Directors (2018-2019) at the time of the c anniversary of our association, but I also feel a great responsibility.

In 2018, we are planning to have various events celebrating our great achievement for 50 years and also thinking about the future direction of the association. As you may know, the medical paradigm that has undergone rapid and extensive changes during last decades is anticipated to change significantly once again in the era of the so-called the Fourth Industrial Revolution and diabetes research and patient care will also undergo significant changes. The association needs a forward-looking transformation to cope with these changes, and we will start getting prepared.

We will also strive to become a global leader in diabetes research and patient care. To be a global leader, we must have at least two things: scientific conference held on an international scale and internationally recognized journal. International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism (ICDM) which started in 2011, has become international conference during last seven years. Last year, the number of abstracts presented by foreign participants exceeded the number of domestic abstracts for the first time. We will make greater endeavors to earn the recognition of the ICDM as an international conference representing Asia. Besides, IDF Congress will be held in December 2019, in Busan. We will do our best to the success of the IDF Congress 2019. By this activity, we will enhance the international recognition of our association. Last year, our official journal-Diabetes and Metabolism Journal (DMJ) was listed on Science Citation Index-expanded(SCIE) which is another great achievement of our association. We will not spare our support to make DMJ the world's best diabetes journal.

Diabetic patients in Korea account for 13% of the adult population. The prevalence of diabetes is high as one in three patients aged 65 and over is a diabetic patient. Diabetes is still a major cause of death in Korea, and it imposes a high medical and socioeconomic burden due to severe complications. However, the social and individual awareness of the importance of diabetes prevention and management is still insufficient, and there are many issues we have to solve to improve the prevention of diabetes and the management of diabetic patients. The Korean Diabetes Association will make every efforts to become a global leader in diabetes research and patient care and will take the lead in continuously and more actively fulfilling its role and social responsibility as an expert group needed for the prevention and management of diabetes.

I would like to ask for your continued interest and active participation in the activities of the association in the years to come. I hope that all your wishes are fulfilled.

Thank you.