The Korean Diabetes Association is an organization with a long history and tradition, being founded in 1968. Diabetes was comparably a rare disease in Korea at the time of the foundation of our organization, but it is now recognized as one of the most common and important diseases in Korea. We believe that it is the responsibility and duty of the Korean Diabetes Association to prevent the diabetic crisis that can cause such large socioeconomic problems.

The Korean Diabetes Association has expanded to become a large community with over 3,000 professionals that work in a wide range of specialties. We also have ~20 affiliated specialist assembly that strives to advance the research for those who are suffering from diabetes. Moreover, we host symposiums every spring and autumn to allow for discussion and communication between researchers for the academic development and advancements. Especially, the symposium hosted in autumn called International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism (ICDM) is an international symposium dedicated to promote academic activities at world-class level.

It was the research, enthusiasm, and effort of our beloved members that have maintained and led us for the previous 47 years. As the chief director for the forthcoming 2 years, I hereby announce that I shall aim to enhance the quality of research for diabetes in Korea, and devote my best efforts to offer hopes for the patients who are suffering from diabetes. May I ask our members to aid me achieve my goals by contributing and taking part with enthusiasm and willingness.

Thank you.
Korean Diabetes Association
Chairman, Board of Directors, Moon Kyu Lee