1 :: KDA, Korean Diabetes Association ::

The Korean Diabetes Association (KDA) was founded in 1968 to promote national health through active academic exchange between members and research in the field of diabetes and metabolism.

In October, 1968, the KDA started with 30 members who found the need for research, education, and academic exchange on diabetes, with the rapid rise in the prevalence of diabetes in Korea. Now in 2020, there are 3,889 KDA members and 42,826 on line members.

The KDA holds 2 scientific sessions annually in spring and autumn, publishes
2 academic journals (Diabetes and Metabolism Journal, The Journal of Korean Diabetes), delivers continuous education for members and health professionals that care for patients with diabetes, fund research on diabetes and promote public awareness through diabetes camps and publicity programs. The association also provides objective credible information through books and guidelines. We also work to give voice to the rights of those with diabetes.