History of KDA
2017 11.28 Diabetes & Metabolism Journal indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)
9.30 Antihyperglycemic Agent Therapy for Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 2017 published
4.30 Understanding and Managing Diabetes published
2016 10.13 Announcement of KOREAN DIABETES FACT SHEET 2016
2015 7.30 The inauguration ceremony for Cambodia Korea Diabetes Centre was celebrated
10.16 Announcement of Diabetes Fact Sheet in Korea 2015
10.16 Diabetes Treatment Guideline (5th edition) published
2014 7.5 Diabetes Camp and Academy started
2013 11.7~9 5th AASD meeting / Seoul, Korea
11.6 Announcement of Diabetes Fact Sheet in Korea 2013
10.13 Construction of the Cambodian National Diabetes Centre
5.9~11 1st Korea-Japan diabetes forum / Jeju ICC, Korea
2012 12.13~16 Medical Service for Korea-Combodia Twinning Project
5.6 Announcement of Diabetes Fact Sheet in Korea 2012
5.6 Diabetes & Metabolism Journal listed in SCOPUS
2011 12.30 Diabetes book (4th edition) published
11.10 1st ICDM-Annual international conference in Korea started
3.30 Diabetes Treatment Guideline (4th edition) published
3.25-27 Medical Service for Korea-Combodia Twinning Project
2.28 Journal name revision: “KOREAN DIABETES JOURNAL” changed to “DIABETES & METABOLISM JOURNAL”
2010 10.17~20 8th IDF-WPR – BEXCO, Busan, Korea (3488 attendees)
10.2 EGDM (Essential Guideline to Diabetes Management) started
7.31 Young Diabetologist Forum started
6.9 KDJ registered in PubMed Central
3.4~5 Korea-Cambodia Twinning Project MOU contracting
2.28 KDJ – language changed to English
  40th anniversary meeting
2007 11.24 Seoul Diabetes Forum 2007 (Shilla Hotel, Seoul)
2006 9 Journal of Korean Diabetes Association registered by the National Research Foundation of Korea
9 Korean Diabetes Research Foundation established (Ministry of Health & Welfar-affiliated organization)
2005   Diabetes book (3rd edition) published.
2004 7 1st Diabetes 2030 Camp - Type I diabetes patients in the age of 20~30
  Korea – Cambodia Twin project started
2002   1st Postgraduate Course of Diabetes
2000   Staged Diabetes Management education started
  “Clinical Diabetes” published
1999   1st Diabetes Educator Certification (205 educators)
  1st Diabetes Educators’ Workshop
  Revision of KDA regulations (Chairman of the board system started)
1998   Guideline for Insulin Treatment
  KDA homepage opened
  Diabetic glossary (2nd edition) published
  Diabetes Bus started
  Diabetes book (2nd Edition) published
1996   Diabetes workshop for local doctors started
1993   IDF-WPR in Seoul
  1st Course of study for diabetes educators
  1st Diabetes Research Summer Workshop
1992 11.9~15 Establishment of Diabetes Week
  Diabetes book (1st edition) published
1991   Medical award for outstanding members established
1990   Diabetes Practice guideline (1st edition) published
  Diabetic glossary (1st edition) published
  1st Seminar for Diabetes Educators
1989   20th anniversary history book published
1988   1st Ed. of Diabetes Food substitution table practical guideline published
1986   1st Sulwon Research Grant, and KDA research grant established
1985 3.11 1st Spring Congress of the Korean Diabetes Association
1981 10.31-11.1 1st Korea-Japan Diabetes Symposium
1972 3.1 Journal of Korean Diabetes Association publication
  Joined as International Diabetes Federation member country
1970   List of food exchange book published
6.13 1st Scientific session at Sejong Hotel
1968 10.4 Established KDA (30 members, 12 promoters) 1st president Eung Jin Kim